Large companies measure output, profit, and success in billions of units sold per year. In their attempts to meet the demands of millions, they often fail to meet some of the most basic criteria in creating healthy product lines. A single corporation may produce a vast selection of hundreds of products for countless different purposes. For example, a gigantic company that makes face cream may also make diapers; a company that produces chemical house cleaners may also produce baby shampoo; a company that makes pet food may also make detergent, candy bars, car wax, and the list goes on and on. Although they often attempt to market this as diversification or specialization, what it’s really about is producing as much as possible as quickly as possible, often without concern for consumers’ needs and desires.
When you stop and think about it, it’s actually strange that we’ve all grown used to having our products made and sold to us in this way. That’s not the way people have made or used things for the vast majority of human history! For almost all of human history, the things people used were made locally by skilled craftspeople who poured love, care, and knowledge into their wares. This is, in fact, the origin of almost every product we use today, from beauty products to medicine. They all got their start on a small scale. Only in the last century or so has this process been taken out of the hands of local craftspeople and placed in the hands of faraway gigantic global companies who often lack any understanding of individuals’ health and beauty needs.
Large-scale, commercial products often fall victim to any of the following undesirable characteristics:

1. Watered-down, ineffective products (products that simply don’t work)
2. Products that are far too strong (harsh chemicals)
3. Products that were arrived at by cruel means (animal testing)

So it’s important to remember that it can be an unpredictable toss up when you buy and use products made by large companies. You likely have at least a few different stories of buying products and finding that they fall into one of the above categories. We all do, unfortunately. This is especially true if what you’re searching for are healthy, safe, effective, and reliable products for your family and yourself. Placing your trust in the commercialized products of large corporations can easily result in disappointment or worse. They rely heavily on streamlining the process of production and creation instead of formulating products with the needs and desires of individuals in mind. You run the risk of getting products you don’t like, can’t trust, or simply aren’t able to use safely.
So what are the other options? What are you supposed to do to counter this? Well, luckily, one of the best antidotes to this whole conundrum is small-batch products! Small-batch products are products made on a small scale by craftspeople, usually with a significantly higher level of care and knowledge than the products manufactured and sold by giant corporations. Why are they better? Well, like the products themselves, the answer is relatively simple: as was true for all of history before the last few decades, small-batch is precisely how people made reliable, healthy products for thousands of years. Small-batch products today are made by people who have the same immense knowledge about their craft and who are deeply attached to their products. Most small-batch operations got started strictly because the people who started them cared and wanted to make a difference. This raises the trust and faith that you, the consumer, have in purchasing from them. In short, buying small-batch products insulates you against the dangers and disappointments of the familiar corporate product lines.
In the end, the proof is in the products. You will find evidence of small-batch ethos in each and every product line we carry at Consciously Natural. Our brands are motivated by passion, compassion, and deep knowledge. We promote product lines that are created, closely monitored, and overseen by people who truly care about providing safe, effective, and inventive products for you and for your family.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash