The million dollar question –  who can give the best and most trustworthy product recommendations? 10 years ago, most of us got our product recommendations from salon professionals or our friends. Fast forward, add celebrities and social media influencers into the mix and it’s like – whoa, overload!

Who’s who?

Celebrities who endorse products are likely not truly educated in that product directly or other products in the same category. They are paid or provided free product in exchange for their public approval and liking of the product. 

Social media influencers are similar to celebrities in the sense that they are paid or provided with free product for their approval of the product on their social media sites. Again, most social media influencers are not truly educated in the products they are showing you. 

Now you’re probably thinking, “my stylist tries to sell me products for a profit too”. And yes, you are right but the difference is that your stylist or esthetician has been trained in how to properly recommend products based on a person’s needs and features. They have gone through some type of schooling and been board certified by their state not just to provide you with wonderful quality services but to also be your beauty product wingman.

If you are feeling like your salon professional is not meeting your product recommendation needs, and you are not ready to find a new stylist (or skin care professional) do not be afraid to reach out to other salon professionals who may be more versed in the types of products you are interested in or are required for your daily routine. Find someone who is trained and educated in the types of products you are looking for. Either way celebrities, social media influencers and salon professionals are all able to profit off the sales of beauty products so don’t settle for so-so recommendations or a “it worked for me it will work for you” approach

Personally, I find a lot of value in building a relationship with someone who is trained in 1. Making recommendations based on my personal needs and 2. A person who has spent time studying the ins and outs of the types of products I prefer to use. Behind my chair, I try to make sure that my clients don’t have useless products taking over their bathroom vanities as well. I make sure they know their input about my recommendations is valued, because after all, they are the ones who have to use it everyday. I deeply appreciate that they support that aspect of my business and make sure that I continue my product education. There is a good chance the salon professionals in your life feel the same way.


Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels