About Consciously Natural

Consciously Natural aims to bridge the gap between making the right choices on behalf of one’s health and the lack of reliable, accessible and actionable information available. With backgrounds in scientific research, a shared passion for a natural lifestyle and the desire to share, we are uniquely poised to address this informational gap. Join us in our journey to improve our collective health, to live consciously natural.  

Marina Kisley

Marina is passionate about unearthing the truth, no matter the topic at hand. With an interdisciplinary academic background in computer science (M.S.) and astronomy, science communication, outreach, and the arts, she views life as an endless opportunity to learn and share.

Ilya Shabanov

No topic is too erudite nor too trendy for Ilya to tackle. With a broad yet detailed academic and professional background stretching from software (M.S. Equivalent in computer science) to biology to ecological conservation, he loves to produce actionable research.

Why did we start this blog?

With backgrounds in research, we are often dismayed at the amount of misinformation and clickbait that presents itself when trying to make health-conscious decisions. Getting the right answer isn’t simple, both because of the nature of researching natural health methods, as well as the way information is promoted online.

We want to fill the informational gap between clickbait and scientific journals. Here, we share our journey in discovering the truth behind these natural health topics.

We want to provide you with a trustworthy and conscientious source of the most in-depth knowledge you will find online for natural remedies, based on rigorous research of peer-reviewed sources. We provide easily accessible references so that you may continue your journey to the bottom of the rabbit hole.

Our Commitment

  1. Articles on Consciously Natural provide the bottom line on each topic based on the available evidence. Knowing when there isn’t enough evidence behind a health claim is just as important as knowing when there is. We are after truth, not hype. Physicist John Platt defined this idea clearly 60 years ago in his article Strong Inference: excluding as many hypotheses as possible enables us to advance knowledge faster and hone in on the truth. This is the approach we use when generating insight on the health questions we pursue.
  2. Our articles are based on primary sources of information, scientific papers. We provide a list of references with each article that you may access. Each article is akin to an accessible, brief literature review.
  3. We write clearly, easily and impartially with the least amount of jargon. You can easily understand the key takeaways without needing to get caught up in the technical details.

Any questions or suggestions

Please reach out to us using the contact form, where you may express any questions, concerns, or requests.