Mineral Hygienics

Mineral Hygienics didn’t initially set out to revolutionize the makeup industry. As they say, “it all started with a pimple.” When founded, they were conducting extensive testing to create a skin-friendly line of products to treat acne without harsh side effects. Through working with hundreds of women of all ages and skin types, they discovered that there was an all-too-common culprit behind most mild acne problems: bad makeup. They set out to remedy this.

Armed with a lab full of their own research, Mineral Hygienics turned their focus to creating the perfect makeup; makeup that does more than just mask imperfections. They endeavored to create a makeup that is actually good for your skin. They spent years perfecting an all-natural formula that uses the fewest number of ingredients in the industry in exactly the right combination for exactly the right results.

Their approach to business is the same as their approach to makeup: what you see is what you get. Mineral Hygienics doesn’t hide behind complicated fillers, ingredients, or jargon. Instead, they deliver an honest product backed by their own solid research, input from dermatologists and other skin experts, and continuous testing to meet the latest and highest standards of cosmetic safety.

Maybe it’s their Midwest roots. They’re not Hollywood makeup artists or fashion execs from New York City, but they sure do make them look good! Along with A-list celebrities, professional dancers, moms, athletes, news anchors, students, musicians, brides, and thousands of other happy customers, their products make everyone look and feel their best.

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