Functional Mushrooms

Functional or medicinal mushrooms contain substances with beneficial properties to humans. They are not to be confused with magical mushrooms, that get you high, medicinal mushrooms are as the name states primarily for your health. The benefits are often numerous and can be nootropic (i.e. enhancing the cognition), adaptogenic (i.e. balancing your stress, fatigue or anxiety levels), anti-carcinogenic (i.e. helping to fight cancer),  increase neurogensis (i.e. help increase the growth of nerve cells) or immunomodulating (i.e. support the immune system).

Unfortunately while some studies have been made the case for medicinal mushrooms is far from clear. While studies can show benefits, the details about the supplement matter. How was the mushroom grown, what part of it was processed, what kind of extraction method was used, how high was the dosage and so on.

In our research, we found that supplement manufacturers very often exploit the hype around the medicinal mushrooms by overpromising but underdelivering. This is especially true for the efficacy of mushroom coffees, where the promises are high but the dosage is multiple times lower than in any study.

We dug deep into the studies behind functional mushrooms, like Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi or Cordyceps and compared them with what the manufacturers of those supplements promise. We asked for lab reports that prove efficacy and did a lot of digging to figure out as much detail as possible.

Lion’s Mane powder

Lion’s Mane powder refers to the dried and pulverized product made of Lion’s Mane mushroom. The vast majority of research, particularly the research demonstrating the potent health benefits, uses Lion’s Mane powder from some extraction technique (water, alcohol, or both).

Best Lion’s Mane Supplement in 2023

We reviewed 25+ Lion’s Mane supplements and rated each one based on our 3-Point Buying Guide, which breaks down each product based on the most important factors: ingredients, extraction method, and quality assurance. Make the best supplement choice for you and your health needs by using the product review table below and considering the most important factors for you in your supplement. *This article is free of all third-party affiliation, sponsorship, and promotion. We are not paid by ANY of these products or brands. We don’t use affiliate links for any Lion’s Mane products. We provide this information based on our own research and impartial judgement. 2023 Lion’s Mane Supplements Review **Nammex: The main supplier for Lion’s Mane powder extract in North America (many small U.S. and Canada brands supply from them). All mushrooms are from China. Site provides ample information and photos of their mushroom farms. No lab reports…