French Girl Organics Fleur de Rose Facial Polish


A finely-milled facial exfoliant rich in antioxidants formulated with organic brown rice powder, French clays, organic flower petals and essential oils to gently polish and clarify the skin.

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Best for

All skin types


French pink & white clays draw out toxins and debris while reducing the appearance of pores.
Flower petals contain plant antioxidants to soothe and brighten the complexion.
Brown Rice Powder softens the skin.

How to use

Sprinkle a dime to nickel size amount of product into hand or dish, add a few drops of water or oil and mix. Apply polish to face in gentle circular motions and rinse well with warm water or added benefit, mix with a French Girl cleanser instead of water.

Can also be used as a mask. After exfoliating, leave to dry on skin for 2-4 minutes.


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